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Anne Marie Petersen – A Danish Woman in South India –
A missionary story 1909 – 1951
Udgivet i 2000


Anne Marie Petersen became in 1909 a missionary in the so called Loventhal Mission, which around the turn of the century became well known for its very positive approach to Indian culture and customs.

Anne Marie Petersen took strong engagement in girls education, putting great effort in starting a girls school based on the model of Mahatma Gandhis ashram and Grundtvigs idea. The foundation stone was even laid by Gandhi himself in 1921, and a few years later the school was officially opened under the name Seva Mandir at a place called Porto Novo, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The most remarkable feature connected with Anne Marie Petersens work was her long standing friendship with Mahatma Gandhi. She was greatly influenced by Gandhis educational ideas, and she was from an early time a wholehearted supporter of his campaign for an independent India, even to the extent that she was accused of giving priority to nationalism at the expense of Christianity.

Read review of  Dr. K. Rajaratnam, Director,
Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute


Ms. Tine Elisabeth Larsen M.th   

During the period of 1997 – 2001, she has been visiting India several times to familiarize herself both with India in general and with Anne Marie Petersens work in particular. She has travelled to various places, e.g. New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Sabathu, Warda, Chennai, and Parangipettai looking among other things for letters between Mahatma Gandhi, Sadhu Sundar Singh and Anne Marie Petersen and to do further research in that area.

Ms. Larsen is the author of several articles in books, newspapers and magazines about the life and work of Anne Marie Petersen and the conditions for women and children in India.














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